【Disney】Introducing the three secrets of the Tower of Terror in Tokyo Disney sea.

Do you know the Tower of Terror attraction at Tokyo DisneySea?

Here are some secrets that people who have and cannot ride will want to ride ♪

What kind of attraction is the Tower of Terror?

Tower of Terror is an attraction created at Tokyo DisneySea in 2006.

The height of the building is as high as 59m.

This is the tallest building in Tokyo Disney Resort.

This is higher than Cinderella Castle and Prometheus Volcano!

The time is New York in 1912. Since the mysterious disappearance of the owner in 1899, the Tower of Terror has become known as the Hotel of Terror. Guests who participated in a tour by the New York City Conservation Society decided to take the elevator to the top floor. I don’t even know that a hair-raising experience awaits me … (From the official website)

Hair-raising experience😱😱

That should be it!

Tower of Terror is a freefall-type attraction that jumps, descends, and stops at high speeds!

There is no doubt that you will have a thrilling experience!

There is a photo shoot when you go up to the top.

So let’s think about the decided pose.

The secret of the Tower of Terror, which is fun to know

Hotel founder Hightower III may have been fluent in Chinese

Hightower III is an American living in New York City. He has explored the world and collected a huge collection.

Adventures around the world will require all languages.

bt there is evidence that he seems to have been able to use Chinese.

that is…

The proof is the fireplace near the entrance to the building.

高 is high. 塔 is tower.It looks like a gag, but the fact that Chinese characters are used means that you could use Chinese.

Also, there is an explanation in Chinese before getting on the vehicle.

This is also important evidence.

“Siriki Utundu" has meaning!

“Siriki Utundu" is a strange idol found by High Tower III.

It is also called the idol of the curse.

What a strange look!!

The name of this idol “Siriki Utundu" has a meaning.

That is…

“Believe in disaster" in Swahili.

How terrifying!😱

This idol is said to be a cursed idol, but Hightower III made a fool of it.

He may have been punished because he didn’t believe in the curse.

There is “Siriki Utundu" in his collection room!!

We will be guided to the collection room after the recording of a press conference before he went missing.

In fact, Siriki Utundu is lurking in the collection!

The collection room has a lot of things that High Tower III has collected from all over the world.

If you look closely, you may see a green light in the collection. This is the eyes of Siriki Utundu.

Moreover, Siriki Utundu is said to have his eyes glowing green when he casts a curse.

Maybe you’re watching guests coming to the Tower of Terror.

It’s scary to take the elevator after finding such Siriki Utundu😱

I pray that you can return safely.


How was it? Even if you’ve been on the Tower of Terror, you can enjoy it in a different way if you know the story and trivia!

You can see it while waiting for the attraction, so please look for it slowly ♪

There are still many secrets, but this time around!

Have a fun Disney trip♪


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